Long Haul Trucking
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This site is all about the long haul journeys undertaken by road haulier's to far flung destinations.

In the 1960's International Road Haulage really started to take off, ferry boats that allowed  trucks to drive on drive off, came into service on the English Channel.

Most of these journeys at first were into Western Europe, but as time progressed destinations further afield were added, The Middle East-Central Asia-Africa-India-Pakistan-Russia, by the end of the 1970,s all of these destinations were regularly being visited by hauliers from The British Isles, as well as hauliers from Western Europe.

The navigation links on this site will take you to Stories, Maps, Photograph's of that time.

Please feel free to send me any material that you think may be of interest, & I will include it on this site.

Dave Mackie.

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